Multi-Day Tours

For those who want to see everything!

A multi-day tour is the right choice in a number of circumstances.  The options are many, so much so that an email or phone call will be the most efficient way to sort through the options and establish a plan for your private customized multi-day tour of Washington, DC.  Please contact us and we can get started with your customized tour. 

Common reasons for having a multi-day tour include the breaking up of a long day of touring into two shorter days For example, some choose to spread our 8-hour “DC Full-Out” tour into two more manageable 4-hour days; this is a popular choice for seniors, guests with mobility issues, and kids whose attention spans might not last an entire day.

Another popular option is to tour in the city one day and on the second day go somewhere away from downtown, like Mount Vernon or perhaps a longer excursion to a Civil War battlefield.

Some clients want to have a private vehicle, tour guide, and driver every day while visiting Washington, DC, and we are happy to offer that service along with an itinerary for each day. The fact is that you cannot see everything in one day or even several days.  There are enough exhibits in the Smithsonian to stay busy for over a week! The most efficient way to see as much as possible in the least amount of time is to take a private tour and allow us to help manage your precious time if it’s just 3 hours, or in this context perhaps 3 days. 

The minimum time that must be booked is 3 hours (with a sedan or SUV) and the rest of your day can be spent on your own exploring with the benefit of the new insider knowledge you gained from touring with Custom Tours of DC.

Please contact us for more information about this tour and how it can be customized (or personalized) to suit your needs.

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Send us details for your tour. Be sure to include dates, times, number of participants and your tour interests. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.